Club Ultima Membership Scam

Being here means you had received text message stating that you've won an unexpected gift certificate from club ultima this comes with free dinner and an accommodation ticket to any crown regency resort.
if you were here after you had received the call then you are wise enough to do some research, but reading this after registering as their member, then this might be too late for you but you can still do some remedy.

now how did they get your number first?
you must remember someday you had a time to walk in a middle to high class area, such as, high end malls, science center, ocean park, etc. there was this group who distribute a raffle promo for free, you just have to fill up the form, well, that form includes your number and some of the details they need to convince you to join their club.

this what they are going to tell you about the prized you've won.
• you don't have to pay anything, to get your prize, you just have to watch an hour and half video presentation of their hotels and other brands.
• then you will be given with a free hotel accommodations but you have to pay a booking fee worth 3,000.00 pesos 1 to 2 weeks advances.
• you have to claim the prized on centerpoint after office hour between 6-8 pm

Now what is club ultima?
Club Ultima is the marketing club arm of crown regency hotels. from the word club, it was suppose to be an elite club, where the upper class meets and share the same venue with limited access to them, but all products of the club are nonexclusive, meaning even a non member could avail of the areas offered by the club, the club is rather a discount membership rather than elite class membership. they just make it sound sossy to capture those people who want to be on top.

What they need on you?
their major product is to sell the products of crown regency to you at a discounted priced, they will convince you that you will have a big discount if you will avail their promo, that worth 100,000.00 pesos and up,
that could be paid in cash or installment, the catch is that the offer is only available for 1 day only, as in the day that you came is the only day it was offered but the truth is they offer this everyday and the are making a panic buying situation where you don't want to miss the chance of getting a high end lifestyle at a cheaper cost.
but before you spend your money think first!
Do you really need to be on a luxurious priced hotel for a vacation? 
staying on a nicely priced hotel will save you more money than staying in their own pricey hotel, actually the discount rate is just a marketing hype to convince you.

Do you want to lock out your vacation choices to crown regency places only?
if you will join their membership, you will have to stay in their own hotels, so be careful because if their booking is full you could not avail of your entitlements, plus, if their high class hotels are fully booked, you will be transferred to their low end hotels at the same cost of your consumables.

Don't you think you can already go to different places with the amount they offered you.
beware of ONE DAY ONLY transactions, as those are fraudulent and so untrue, this is a marketing ploy they give to make you decide right away and to stop thinking for what you are actually getting into, it was like a brainwashing techniques used by "Budol Budol" giving an overwhelming items at the most cheapest cost, where you think that you are the one taking advantage of them but the sad truth is that you are under the illusion and the real score is that they are taking advantage of you. so think wise and be wise, do you really want to give your hard earned money to them for useless vacation? you can take vacation anytime anywhere without them so don't waste your time and effort for them.

The Verdict
although they are an organized and recognized business, the whole marketing strategy that they had given is a SCAM, just the marketing of club ultima, they will make you spend thousands of pesos for being a member of a club where you need to use a series of unwanted vacation or just waste your money at all, but what ever it is, you are wasting your money already if you had sign up from them, they will make your choices limited to their own company, it is like buying a box of antibacterial capsule that has a 5 years expiration, but what you only need is a dose for a week consumption,the ONE TIME ONLY OFFER or ONE DAY ONLY makes their ploy raises SCAM flags as they push you into a situation where you don't have the time to think and research about them.

if you have joined their membership and realized that you are being ripped off and already given them post dated checks, be fast enough to send a cancellation letter and if possible close your checking account to avoid unnecessary withdrawals, you cannot refund anything paid to them already which also makes them a fraud.
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  1. Thanks for sharing, nice post!

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  2. I WAS SCAMMED ALSO I PAID 20,000 IN BORACAY BECAUSE OF THEIR HARD SELLING TECHNIQUE but after that i cannot contact the agent anymore...JED..THATS HIS NAME.what more if you already paid the entire amount which is roughly 800k then i can see that you cannot make any reservation anymore. I rather loose the 20k than to loose 800k.that is why I changed my BDO account which I signed for auto debit becaus eof them..THEY WILL JUST CARE NOTHING BUT YOUR MONEY!

    1. representative from club ultimatum called me now. i just listened but not interested.. i feel it was a scam.

  3. A marketing scam indeed! I almost ended up shelling out 10k just to get a VIP membership status. The total membership cost amounted to 499k payable in 48 months with a 10k maintenance fee annually. But the catch is, you need to pay it right there & then, giving you no time to think it through which turned me off! That made me realize that it's a scam. Good thing I searched for reviews just before signing up, otherwise... Bye-bye 10k!!!

  4. Hello we just went there yesterday and we promised to deposit 15k, they said that if we cancel we have to pay 20k for legal purposes, is that true?

  5. Hi, I would like to ask how you cancelled it? after the reviews and all I felt disappointed

  6. Hi. In our experience, it's not just exclusive in Crown Regency owned hotels. As Club Ultima members, we can check in to their tie-ups hotel worldwide. Get discounts to our cruise trips and discounts to 5 star hotels. And this is also an investment for us since we could sell our vouchers to our friends and other clients who are fond of traveling in style, and have business and luxury leisure purposes since we are into tour operations business as well 😊 This thing is good for investment (hospitality businesses), people who are fond of luxury travels and we think this not just really for everyone to take since this membership is a lifetime contract and is obviously expensive 😊 But overall, we have used it well on our travels and business.

    Happy travels! 💕

  7. Thank you Lord nabasa ko toh. Bukas naka schedule kami puntahan ang office nila sa Makati to claim the gc. Hay SCAM lang pala :(

  8. I have received a similar call from Club Ultima today, as in I have just hung up from that call after telling them I'm going to research this first before giving them my information. This was the number they called me from, 09174718418. It's scary kasi alam nila ang name at number mo. Where are they getting this info from? Someone is selling them a list of consumers who somehow have left their contact info. As mentioned in this blog, baka nga ung mga kunwari na raffle promo sa mga groceries/malls pero nagcocollect lang sila ng data. Dapat siguro maitawag na ito sa 8888 para may reference ung ibang future complaints. We should reinforce the Consumer Privacy Act in this country. Thanks for this blog.

  9. Ako ay nagpamember sa CLUB ULTIMA. Ang sabi sa akin ni ahente. Ang total price ng membership ay 425, 000 pero kapag kinuha ko agad yun may discount kaya magigung 385,000 na lang. Ang benefit na makukuha DAW namin ay free accommodation sa lahat ng crown regency at affiliate nila for 7 days local at 7 days abroad. May anual dues kami na 5k or 100 dollars for domestic and abroad (oh diba mura naka crown regency ka pa). Sabi ni ahente kapag naka 30% na kami maaavail na namin mga benefits namin. Free use din daw kami ng mga gym, pool at lahat ng amenities nila.

    Heto na naka abot na kami ng 30% sa payment namin. 126k. Mag aavail na kami sana ng FREE ACCOMMODATION sana. Pagtawag ko sa booking department nila. KAILANGAN KO DAW MAGBAYAD PA NG 13K FOR ANNUAL DUES. (samantalang 5k lang ang sabi ni ahente at pagmamalaki pa ni ahente. Hindi daw tataas un annual dues) ngayon tinanong ko "eh paano yung sa abroad. Sabi ng manager ng club ultima. Aside sa babayaran niong 13k. Magbabayad pa po kayo ng booking 10 dollar per day. Tinanong ko sya. Sa papaanong paraan kami nakatipid ng sa membership eh kaya nga kami kumuha membership ng club ultima para makatipid kami sa mga hotels kapag nagtratravel kami. HINDI NA NAKASAGOT SI MANAGER

    Ngayon kaya ko ito sinulat para WALA NG MAUTO SI CLUB ULTIMA. WALA NG MAGAYA SA AMIN.



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