Emgoldex, online gold exchange networking scam!!!

you were here because you've heard of Emgoldex and still wondering what it is all about, Emgoldex is an online gold trading networking, a multi level marketing program that sells gold bar, as in gold bars!. now the reason for you being here is, if they are for real or not, now we will digest the facts that will open up your mind about this company.

How much can I earn?
Emgoldex recruiters claim that an investment of P1,000 will yield P5,000 to P10,000, while an investment of P35,000 can turn into P180,000 to P360,000.
now that you know how much you can earn, do you believe you really can earn that?
the answer is no!

what the SEC said about this company?
"Ito po sa pyramiding kung susuriin investment style, nire-require mag-recruit tapos may bonus," said SEC spokesman Atty. Gerard Lukban. "Kung sa pag-recruit ang payout kinukuha sa baba pag nag-collapse mawawalan ng kita."

now, What is Emgoldex?
Emgoldex is another MultiLevel Marketing program or Networking scheme, what makes this different is that it's main product is gold, given the name goldex or gold exchange, the level of this company goes across the world, and claimed to be incorporated in Europe, and had office in Dubai and Germany, but according a case filed by United State of America, the company was incorporated in Seychelles, Africa a small island nation in Africa.

The company promises to turn your 1,000.00 into 5,000.00 to 10,000. and an investment of 35,000.00 to 180,000.00 to 360,000.00. but as the saying goes, what too good to be true is fake, in reality, if they can earn such an amount why would they even sell it, or invite others to do that, instead of buying in a networking investment why not but in a more legal why the Security Exchange, such as Philippine Stock Exchange.

the way to earn is very similar with the existing MLM, where you have to invite other people to join and be rewarded by referring them.
but this kind of networking is easy to collapse as the market start to saturate and to stop afterwards as there are no more recruits available.

the down lines always pay for the upper line, and that is the only way this kind of businesses collect cash, no more, no less.
we don't even know if they really have gold reserve in the first place.
and the company is not even registered to collect investment in the public, they are just registered as a corporation but not registered as an investment house with a strict policy.

with all the fact given and the fact that they face pyramiding case and lying about their true identity is already a mark that they are indeed a SCAM!!!, dont waste your time anymore in this company, or any other company that follow the  trend of a false MLM company, read our articles to know about MLM, 

to sum it all, it is a Networking SCAM!
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