GoldXTreme gold swap program networking scam review 2015

Okay folks, you were here again to know about another new investment opportunity knocking in you door, so the question running in you mind should be if it is a legit or just another scam, every earning opportunity give a connotation of grab it now and start earning.

now what is GoldXtreme?

GoldXtreme is a gold exchange network system, where you have to buy and trade gold inside their network, you can buy and get the gold or keep it rolling inside their system to multiply your grams directly proportional to you money.

but what makes us familiar with GoldXTreme was the recently proclaim investment scam EMGOLDEX, with case filed in different country, including the United State Department of Justice.

GoldXTreme is actually registered here in the Philippines, but just like the others, they are not allowed to collect investment from the public, as this kind of organization requires a stricter rules to be govern by the government to secure the public from fraud and possible scam. 

under their registration in SEC, they are only allowed to, engage and retail of gold jewelry products and Eload dealership, which mean they are only given the authority to sell jewelries and load products.

just like in EMGOLDEX they are also given with a public notice by Securities and Exchange Commission to stop collecting and avoid being part of this investment scheme.

now how they market their investment.
Gold is powerful and the real money, yes of course, for every penny we have there was a coequal amount of grams in central bank, that was the gold reserve, that is what giving our money a certain amount of value. since if this is the real currency, why not invest on it? 

but to remind you folks, not all of us are gold expert, and we don't know how to examine gold, that is why notes and coins exist, our government secures that each currency reflects a real standard and high quality gold bar. unless you are a gold expert you could join their program and examine their gold bars, but even you own a gold, you cant use that to buy things as it was not as liquid as real cash, Liquid is you can exchange something in to another in an instant as it was widely acceptable. Finance 101. Plus gold are exchanged inside the Philippine Stock Exchange though it is not required that all trade should go with PSE, it is more secure to buy with in PSE since they are experts in this field. How can you know if your gold bar really worth 25,000.00 and how pure that could be. 

How to earn from their program, how it works?

first you need to buy gold for 5,000 pesos
then invite an unlimited number of people to buy 5,000.00 pesos worth of gold, with a binary system, you will need to invite, 14 people to earn the first 25,000 pesos with each person has 2 down line to earn, and you can do that again by making another set of 14 person to take in part of their program.
you can actually buy a multiple accounts and earn an unlimited amount of 25,000.00 Pesos as long as you keep on inviting, remember you need to invite to earn, so this is clearly a network scam.

the catch is that they are deducting 10% tax, seems legit cause they are paying taxes right? but no the whole thing is scam. tax thing is part of the scam disguise to make people think that they are actually legitimate and a good group.

their binary system or the pyramiding was similar with success200, with all the manner on how to fill out and achieve the exit. they just called it a "SWAP PROGRAM" but we shall call it "SCAM PROGRAM" much better.

In an official statement made by GOLDXTREME, the company accepted that it is NOT really AUTHORIZED to SOLICIT Investments. However, they made it clear that every company has its own MARKETING STRATEGY to BOOST their product sales.

With GOLDXTREME, it has developed and introduced its UNIQUE program called  "SWAP PROGRAM" and  there is no KNOWN government agency to REQUIRE for that said program.

GoldXTreme reply to SEC for their so called Marketing Program.

The company also claimed that its SWAP PROGRAM will NOT make the Company UNSTABLE and does not give any ASSURANCE/GUARANTEE to get Gold Reward.

 GOLDXTREME's SWAP PROGRAM does not in any way will make the company unstable. SWAP PROGRAM is a UNIQUE MARKETING STRATEGY  that benefits the company and its customers unlike other marketing strategy that only benefits the company. We encourage other entities to not judge goldxtreme by its cover but to analyze the content of SWAP PROGRAM.

what the bad thing is that they are playing dumb here, playing with laws and looking for its technical issues to prove their wrong doings, but it is wide and clear that the whole thing is a scam.

that is why in line with the SEC we warn the public from engaging with this scam and protect yourselves from enriching your upper line while devastating your down lines and reputation as a professional.

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  1. How about the building bridge? I came from isabela and my friend invited me to join the NPI (northern profit investment). I searched it in google but unfortunately I got nothing. They said it was originally started in Cebu/Davao. Thank you..

    1. We will conduct research about Northern Profit Investment Corporation, for now, kindly send us some detail that you have already know about them, the process, price, product, etc. and we will give our verdict about their program,

      send us an email at

  2. I was wondering how and where you get your intel about these companies? Aside from SEC? Any credible sources?

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