How to determine a SCAM network

Having said that we are making reviews about networking and other money generating scams. we are pleased  to give some criteria for self evaluation on how to determine a scam from not, basically you should know when a scam is a scam, we never spend our time and effort working our life to give it to those who had no intention of doing the same effort as we did to earn in good faith. a lot of people is being tempted from the promise of easy earnings and a fast way to became rich, but the real thing is that there are no shortcuts to be come millionaire, the only thing that matter is hard work and luck, and yes luck is something that we cannot set aside, you might won a lottery and became rich instantly, and that was legal, or start a food business and luckily discovered a secret ingredient that consumers will surely be looking back for. 

but investment is different, beside from luck, investment requires experience and knowledge on how to avoid a certain risk associated from it, or how to at least limit the risk involve in every opportunity, basically an investment earnings is determined by the risk involve on it, the higher the risk the higher the return, meaning if you are willing to risk a larger sum of money, the higher earning you could avail of.

so, we said that the higher the risk the higher the return, yes, we said that, and now you are thinking that networking offers a high risk that is why it has higher return, basically yes, but the level of risk associated with them is too high and the promise to earn is non feasible, or we may say impossible, if they can really make your money earn a high interest, then why would they invite you to join them if they can monopolize it? their answer always is to share their strategy to make everyone free from poverty, but admit it, everyone in this world are greedy, and no one will share something like that if it is a legit business. if they are really unto helping they will just keep those secret to success and help the people through foundations as part of social responsibility.

now, going back to our main topic, what are the things we need to know to determined a scam from a legit business, we had listed some key points to remember to avoid your money from being taken by people who did no want to be fair in life and just want to steal your money, isn't hard that your politician are robbing you and as so this people, what's happening in this country!, now see the list below:

• Government Licenses
there should be legalities in everything they do, not because they are registered meaning they are already legally doing something, a license nurse is not allowed to do medical practice of a doctor.

• Source of Income
do they have legitimate products, if so, do you recognize those product, in the first instance, do you really thing they are going to sell or will you buy it without the promise of earning?, you should know that when no one is interested in the product then the product is just a mere disguise on their pyramiding network, don't you ever associate yourself from this kind of business, if they are not product base then what are the form of their income, if there was not source to earn, then where do you think they are getting the price of your effort, then it is from the down lines and that was a scam.

• Promise to earn an enormous amount of money in short period of time
is the possibility of earning was too high that you could imagine, then we assure you, it is a fraud, even the worse legitimate business will never offer a high interest bond to support their shortcomings, so don't be blinded by the high return they impose, that was unachievable.

• Things about their company
if you could not find any good way to find out what is the company is all about, then, how can you entrust your hard earned cash to them.

• are they selling the product or plainly recruiting.
if the main stream of the business is to recruit another recruiter, then there is no real reason to sell, it was just a pyramiding scam, you are looking for another victim that will potentially earn if they had recruited another victim, if the recruits are the one paying for the recruiter then it is scam.

• Commissions should be paid for selling the product and not by the entry fees of new members.
as so, commissions are for the products and not for the entry fee, actually a legitimate distribution marketing should not collect an entry fee or even impose a required purchase to be in part of it, that should be on each item sold, why would they require you to buy their product if you are willing to sell their product without any cost on them, your motive is to earn through commission and not to buy their product at all.

• They should be selling the product but not the membership.
they must be selling the product rather than promoting the recruitment.

• There is no such thing as Unlimited earning.
unlimited earning is only possible if they follow a pyramiding scam scheme, how could you earn limitless, if the recruitment stops and all people are member already, then it is limited, and the company surely collapse when they reach that moment when there would no more recruit to be invited.

• Will you get your money if you choose to blackout.
most of this scam does not offer a money back guarantee, or a return policy, once you've joined there is no way out, it even violated the consumer's right as implemented by DTI, most of them said that they are selling the product but when you are about to return the product they will tell you that it is not possible. but DTI already had a policy about no return, no exchange.

• the products should be priced reasonable.
if the price of the products is more than doubled the lowest in the market, then they will just buy it and re-brand it. 

•the company's product should be sellable even without the promise of earnings.
simple question here is, will you buy the product even without the promise to earn? of course if it was a good product but if it was not, then there was no reason to do so.

these are just a short list to determine if an opportunity is legitimate or not, but we recommend you to be observant and look for any other possible reason to avoid scam, this are just the basic part of it, some others might made their program real and patched all holes to effectively believe the people about their legitimacy, what we recommend is rather than risking your money with these uncertainty, you better try to invest in the stock market through mutual fund or UITF that actually start at 5,000.00 pesos only.

also, DTI had posted their owned warning on the people about scam networks

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