Is Royale Business Club a scam or a legit MLM company

Royale Business club has a classy name for a Multi-Level Marketing company, yes you may have heard of them, Royale has actually made a product retention with their products.

the company benefiting from its MLM program, sales distribution, unlike with other networking company, Royale Business had made a high quality product that really works and recommended by its consumers, thus gather them customers from the sales, not just be a mere recruitment.

what's good with them is that they are not really focusing on recruitment and you will not earn cash from recruiting, though you will receive incentives in their products, you still need to sell those product to convert the earnings into cash. thats what make it harder to earn cash but helps the company to be unique and to avoid network marketers that uses the recruitment policy to earn that leads the product in the midst and not sell in which makes the MLM a scam.

MLM is about selling and marketing not by pyramiding and earning cash
in Royale, you still got perks in a binary system that is widely used by MLM companies, with exponential benefit from points on products.  and can be translate into cash when the product are sold. still need more effort than the other MLM.

but what do you need to be aware of.

it is indeed best to get multiple account in a business model with binary system, but since this requires selling, you will not earn you cash immediately after you buy those slots, thus making your money as products to sell, and if you haven't made a good business out of it, it is better for you not to buy multiple account as this will make your liquid asset (cash) into inventory items which are the products that are hard to sell.

all in all, Royale Business Club is legit, and has the potential to emerge with their outstanding products, but joining this club is for hard worker seller, because you have to sell the product to translate it into cash.

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  1. In this Royale MLM Review, I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

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