Is success200 a scam or legit multi level marketing network

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You were here because there was a friend or a co-worker who told you about sucess200, but you are not sure if success 200 is a scam or not. Is it legit or not.  will you ever earn from success200, and does it work and how to earn from success200

First, what is success200?

according to their website SUCCESS200 INTERNATIONAL CORP. is a 100% Filipino owned legitimate distribution and manufacturing company.SUCCESS200 INTERNATIONAL CORP. was a distribution and marketing Program. in which the core business was not about recruitment but a marketing distribution, but isn't it familiar, all of the networking business said that they are selling product yet the promise of payment for recruiting other people has a significant amount of bonus.

most multilevel marketing company's was actually built to speed up the distribution, but most of the members of this kind of markteting strategy translate it into a pyramiding networking as it was the design of the plan, and these members focus on recruiting instead on selling the product, they concentrate on the recruitment as the recruitment process is the real way to earn bigger earnings.

the SUCCESS200 was created in March 2015, and if we will see the website registration, it was only registered on March 02, 2015, under godaddy registrar with only 1 year validity as it will expire on March 02, 2016, and for us registering your website for just 1 year with this kind of business mark a red flag, they should at least registered it for 2 years, registration of a site was actually cheap for a company with the capacity to pay 10,000.00 for the first exit and 9,000.00 limitless!

the website was hosted in a shared hosting environment in godaddy, and since they are using wordpress it is easy to understand that it was registered under that plan with a price ranging from 183.99 Pesos to 689.99 Pesos per month. quite cheap for a big investment or rather large scale marketing network, but ofcourse it is easy to upgrade your site, they may have think that it might not work out so they choose the cheapest to run their business.

so, let us go back with their incorporation, according to their members, it was right that the company was created just this March but the parent company was built in 2010, under Agarica Living International with registered owner who was Mr. Albert Monzuela
and Mr. Ken Gomez Badiola.

the company has one and only product the AGARICUS*, 800mg/30 capsules per bottle at the cost of 1,800.00 Pesos which was actually the price to join the affiliate program. according to them the product has benefit as the Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom, also called "Cogmelo de Deus" meaning "Mushroom of God", is widely known and used for its anti-tumor, anti cancer, and vitamins D2 effects, anti viral properties, blood sugar reducing effect, high blood pressure, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis preventing effects, and as an immune systems enhancer.

*update: 9/14/2015, at the moment the success200 added other supplements products from different extract that account to a total of 7 products, although there was an increase in variety of product, it was an answer for the question of  their legitimacy, since they were questioned for having only one product so they added a new, but even if there was an additional product to cut one issue of their company.

Lazada Philippines

how will you earn if you joined them?

1. Join the company by buying 1 product package worth 1,800 / per SOLO ACCOUNT
2. Refer 2 clients ONLY. Who will join by buying a product package
3. Help your 2 Clients get 2 Clients also under them
4. Follow system teach this process on your down line structure
5. Board EXIT is the COMPLETION of BOARD PRODUCT SALES of 15 Product package SOLD

they said that they are not an investment company, "we do not sell securities or any guarantees. Earnings or commissions are paid base on the production of sales and distribution of products through our unique compensation plan. There is no guaranteed income only the opportunity to earn through the SUCCESS200 unique compensation plan.

Since they claim that they are not an investment company, so, make it hard to say that they are actually a pyramiding scam, as they are only selling product and giving out bonus or compensation for every referral to buy the product.

but as we see the business model, it is just the same with other company with multi-level marketing program, the main focus was on recruitment, rather than on selling the product. thus, it was actually a networking scam with a product as a disguise.

is the unlimited earning possible?

yes, with their model, the 8 people in your pyramid are the people who is paying for your first 10k,
8 people x 1,800.00 = 14,400.00 - 10,000.00 = 4,400.00
they've earned 4,400.00 from you for joining the program, a 550.00/per bottle or 18.33/capsule of an unknown product, isn't that great?
the next 9,000.00 is very sustainable.
to earn that you will need another 8 people to reach the 2nd board and pay an entrance fee of 1,800.00 again even without recruitment
8 x 1800 = 14,400.00 - 9,000.00 = 5,400.00
now the catch is, they will pass on another 1,300.00 for the upper line to earn 9k
5,400 - 1,300.00 = 4,100.00 their earning.
1,300 x 8 = 10,400.00 - 9,000.00 = 1,400.00 - 1,300.00 = 100.00 their earnings again.
the 1,300.00 will continuously passed on the upper lines.  and the possibility of earning limitless is true,as long as the down lines continues to recruit.

but remember that the model of the recruitment was in binary, so what is binary from the word "bi" which mean 2, meaning that it was a system where you have to recruit 2 people continuously to earn, basically a pyramiding model that form a triangle between you and your downline but it does not end with just binary, as some other uses a 3 recruit model or unlimited Direct Referral, it was known today as 2x2 matrix, solo matrix, 1+2, etc..., now as we follow the binary system, it will have an exponential compounding in which, from 1st level to 4th, there were already 15 people inside, for the second exit, there will be 255 people inside the matrix, and so on and so fourth, then at the eight board you have already exceeded the total human population, and let us say that this company was that great that it handled to invite all humans on earth including us, which basically wont happen, the maximum board exit the most top person could have was 8 exits, or 82,000 thousand pesos, now you must realized that you where not in the first board nor on the second board by this time, which limits your chance to have more exits.


Is it a scam?


• The age of the site is only months and registered for a short period of time.
• The company has one product, which could be the front of the pyramiding.*update: 6 products had been launched all together to cut this one product issue, but does not change the fact that they still focus on recruitment.
• The only way to earn is to recruit  rather than selling the product. even if they said that on the next board you don't have to recruit, but your downline should recruit for you to earn.
• to earn you have to recruit or maybe we should call it sell their product?

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Now, the question is, is SUCESS200 a scam or not?

It is a scam, the model and the manner it goes thru follows the trend of modern pyramiding scam, but with product to disguise itself.  the company focuses on recruitment and taking away your money in exchange of an unknown product, and the company life has limitation, when the time comes that there is no more people to recruit, the company will surely collapse and face bankruptcy, but the good thing is, since it is still young, and if you are dedicated with this networking and you are a bad person, you will definitely be on top and earn a decent amount of money here, but that would not be for life and the losing side was those who will be late to join the party, a common problem faced by a multi-level marketing program.

Also Securities and Exchange Commission warn the public about sucess200.

Sucess200 SEC advisory

Remember that people behind SEC are professionals of their field and had taken a series of examinations and qualifications to join the organization. It is up to you whether you will believe an educated person in this field or an ordinary person turned out to be an expert in investment After a night.

we gave our observation and verdict already, it is a scam, it is up to you, if you still want to continue enriching the upper lines and owner of this scam.
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  1. are you saying that you are indeed cheating to earn?

  2. Oh sh** I already Joined this scam yesterday. I should have read this blog earlier.. my 1800 serves as gone.grrrr -JD

    1. but atleast you have the chance to pass the curse , you could invite 14 more victims to realized your gain. evil advice with evil laugh. buwahahahah

  3. This is like from the previous report that the "EMGOLDEX" is scam. But look, another same company in the Philippines with same strategy born!! "GOLDEXTREME". So, now... let's wait for another networking company that will taking over with the same strategy like Success200 . what do you think? is it sound concern or is it another marketing strategy?...

  4. thank you! I supposed to join today but because of this blog I wont let my 1800 fly! thankieveryMuch!

  5. KEN GOMEZ BADIOLA - nung nakita ko pangalan nyan naloko na! :D :D top earner yan ng NBO GLobal ung tumagilid din na kumpanya last year. ang gagaling magmarket at mag-invite pero un lang sumasali sa kumpanyang hindi tumatagal :D

    1. Ahh.. kaya siguro gumawa sya ng sarili nyang company dahil sawa na syang sumali sa fail na kumpanya?

  6. ken gomez badiola seems to be connected with the oks global wellness that was busted in 2013. he is not among the listed company officials but he gave updates regarding the activities of the company...

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  8. Honestly, i just joined not bcoz i wanted to. Sumali ako kasi naiinis nako sa pangungulit sakin ng kakilala namin at para na rin wag sumama loob nya samin. Now i realized mas mura pa ung enervon c kumpara sa vitamin c nila dito hahahahaha

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