is supreme wealth alliance swa a scam or not

What is Supreme Wealth Alliance?

Supreme Wealth Alliance is another Multi-Level Marketing company that offer an opportunity to earn by recruiting, inviting or what so ever it is to join their allegiance.  this company focuses on electronic materials,  unlike many networking companies that sell health and beauty products, this company compile thousands of e-book and learning materials about improving oneself in diferent areas of expertise. but do we really need those ebook, I am not even a bookworm so I don care about the ebooks.

supreme wealth alliance

but are those ebooks worth that much? those are not popular titles and we dont even know if those worth your money, and do you even need those book, essentially they dont have real products, they just collect those books and distributed it in their own site.

the company was spearheaded by a Filipino born man named Francis Chavez, by the same way many other MLM industry, the main focus of this company is to attract business by signing into their affiliate program and earn big time. wooh!

the master plan of this industry is of the same manner as the other, they call it 2x2 matrix, but it was known as pyramiding, the same way our great heroes recruited katipuneros, the pyramid, they call it 2x2 because you have to recruit 2 downlines and this downline shoudl recruit 2 downlines of their own for you to earn 140$, woooow! thats 6,300.00 for just recruiting 6 people,

how to join?

to join the Supreme wealth alliance or SWA, you have to buy their product/service that worth 55$ or around 2,400.00 Pesos to access their online library. plus the opportunity to invite other people to access this online library and earn cash.

and the other way is their pay plan 2, which was per direct invite, you'll receive 20$ commission, except for the 2nd, 3rd and 7th direct invite, meaning on the 4th, 5ht and 6th you'll earn 20$ each, you have already taken whan you have invested wow really?

the promise of earning by inviting people in facebook was really interesting right?
but isnt the company is too, spammy, whereever on facebook, youll see people posting extra incom blah blah blah, and join us , just like that, but is it scam or not? if you know networking and multilevel marketing, definitely you will know that this is just another multilevel networking pyramiding scam. and of course people who earn from this will prove you wrong just because they have earned. but the reality is, they only earn from the people who pays for 55$ and does not have the time and the ability to invite other people, and when the time comes when this people stop joining the alliance, due from loss of demand, or may we call that there are no more potential recruits.

with all the facts given and the knowledge about networking, we can be sure that this is just another form of scam disguised with MultiLevel Marketing program.

is your time really worth it? do your respectable name be shaded by this kind of businesses?

read the disclaimer if you have any disputed in this article.

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