Northern Profit Investment Building Bridge Scam Review

you are probably here to read about Northern Profit Investment, also known as, Building Bridge. this company started just this year in the northern part of the Philippines. it has no company background to prove it existence, it has no product since it only offer investment but not any product unlike most multilevel marketing company.

Who are they?
this is another investment opportunity spreading across the northern part of the Philippines, mostly on Cagayan Valley, it was masterminded by Lisa Ramos and Ericson Ramos of Aparri, Cagayan and started just this July 06, 2015.
according to them it was built to help others achieve their dreams and the main goal is to be of service to those who want to start their investment in a low capital to give chances to those who wants to have a brighter future.

Now how does this networking works how to earn from them?
First you have to join the program by investing 1,500.00  then after that you have to recruit 2 direct referral and to fill up a board of upto 4th level as shown on the image below. they promise to turn this 1,500.00 to 10,000.00 in just 7 days, just like how proven scam network One Dream promise to turn the investment of BatangueƱos in just 4 days, 

Just like other pyramiding scams we already had reviewed, it has the same flow of cash in Success200, where the bottom most recruits pays for the top most recruits and owner of this scam,
in this scheme you have to recruit at least 14 people that pays 1,500.00 to earn 10,000.00. that was 21,000.00 pesos plus your own investment then it totaled 22,500.00 Pesos, your 10,000.00 pesos would came from thar, no product selling just pure investment just convincing power you earn some and they earn from you.
 but your down line must exit and earn also, so, technically only the 4th level of your board is paying for you, which was 8 people are liable for your payment, that would account 12,000.00 pesos less your share then they had earned 2,000.00 pesos doing nothing.
they will pass up 1,500.00 to second board from that 2,000.00 to pay up the next board exit-e. From that they have earn 500.00 pesos without selling anything, pure investment opportunity, this will continuously flow to top and they will earn 500.00 each exit and taking the money of the new recruits

also, the. Implemented a no refund policy which is already a violation for a legitimate business on consumer act but since they are an investment, they are not covered by this but then again they dont have proper license to collect investment and to consider that this one is not even a business,
also, if you have exited without having 2 Direct referrals there would be a deduction of 1,500.00 pesos for each DR on the 10,000.00 Pesos earnings which give them another source of income in their own pocket, by sponsoring other you will earn 50.00 Pesos each.

The main problem here is very common, as we had already tackled in some of our review, they don't have any product to sell, the main stream of earnings is through recruitment, and the market saturation will make the life span of this kind of business limited, theoretically unlimited earning is possible if there is unlimited human population, but we had a certain amount of population per period or we can say demand, then when all of the people are members and there is no more possible recruit then the company will stop from moving and the earnings will surely stop right there.

Another problem with Building Bridge is that they don't even have a website nor even a public social media account to prove their identity, and they are not even showing any proof of registration to the investor, and again, without product, this raise a red flag for the public to be aware of this kind of scam.

The Verdict

this investment opportunity is a scam, it is wide and clear that this one is a scam, it has no products, there is no other way to earn but to recruit, it has no registration, lack of detail about the company and identity of the owners is little to be known, it could not even considered as Multilevel marketing as it has nothing to sell but only the opportunity to earn 10,000.00 Pesos, the whole structure is plain and simple, put your money on them then they will give a penny to the recruiter while they are taking most of it.

only the top most members will earn on this kind of business, but this was not even a business and purely a scam, unlike with others that has a front this one has nothing but all scam. 

we warn the public to avoid investing in this pyramiding, be wise enough in choosing an investment. it is very alarming that a lot of people had been lured to this pit hole by promising an earning that is not even possible in a legitimate business. they had offered something that is impossible in a real business, they this kind of earnings is only possible through scam and cheating with other people.
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