The Philippines Top 10 Scam

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Since we are reviewing Scams we are giving you the list of the Philippines most devastating scams, this are the reason why people lose confidence in investing, but as we said, you should know when a scam is a scam, so learn how to identify a scam from what is not. 

10. Bancap scam

This is scam that targeted investing people of treasury bills, as we know Treasury Bills are bonds issued by the government or a loan by government to the public, it offers a low risk investment as it was backed by the government, but the proprietor, Marilyn Nite, of this scam make the investors believe that she is actually buying TB but turn out that she collects the fund without buying TB and pocketed the fund she had collected.

total amount scammed: 900 million Pesos

9. FrankSwiss and DeutchFranks

When you were in investment, we always look for lowest risk with higher yield, this scam offers just like how people want it, a low risk - high yield investment scheme, but as we said in finance, risk is proportional with yield, the higher the risk, the higher the return, the lower it is, the lower your income might be. this scam even collects money from politicians ( whoa, robbers got robbed) and celebrities, who will not be swayed by this scam, it looks like foreign, a Swiss, Frank and Deutsche, European isn't it?

total amount scammed : 1 Billion Pesos

8. Swiss Mutual Fund International Scam

it was an international mutual fund scam, it started a long time on other country before it steps in the Philippines, as it was international a lot of people thought it was for real but being international does not mean it's genuine, not because they are whites or from a rich country does also mean they are all good people. 

total amount scammed: More than 1 Billion Pesos

7. Royal Manchester Five Trading Corp.

This is a Foreign Exchange trading scam, this promises the investors a 4.5% of investment return monthly, but as we all know, when it is too good to be true then it is not.

total amount scammed: 2 Billion Pesos

6. Tibayan Group Investment Corp.

This is also a mutual fund scam that collects fund from the public to be invested in a larger cause, but opposite from its name "TIBAYAN" or "to Strengthen" this network is not "MATIBAY" or "Strong", this build to collect fund and pocketed it. they have attracted investor with their high yield interest rate of 3-5% each month for a lock-in investment period of 6 months to 1 year.

total amount scammed: 2 Billion Pesos

5. Mateo Management Group

This group persuade a few rich people to invest in a large amount of money to  be manage by them, they promise to make their investment earn more than they could have believed. after they had receive the money, they were no where to be found like magic.

total amount scammed: 4.3 Billion Pesos

4. Performance Investment Products Corp.

this is a foreign exchange trading scam that targeted the elites of the Philippines, they were able to obtain investment from their 10-15% guaranteed interest rate, as a person if you hear something like this, it is like hey take all my money and give me the interest, but of course isn't this too good? so it not true.

total amount scammed: 11 Billion Pesos

3. Aman Future Group

Aman Amalilio spearheaded this scam, his tactics is way different from the other who targeted the middle and upper class, but instead he believes in a saying the more the merrier, small amount counts, so he victimized the poor, with 100,000 families he had achieve a medal to be ranked 3rd in this ranking. kudos for being such a great scammer. you deserve a sit in hell.

total amount scammed: 12 Billion Pesos

2. Multinational Telecom Investors Corp.

so where did Aman Future Group get the idea of victimizing people, then it is MTIC, it had victimized 950,000 individual with its scam that offers a 4-5% interest rate per month, a lot of people was doomed in investing in this corporation.

total amount scammed: 25 Billion Pesos

1. Legacy Group

there is no other Legendary than legend, cause it is their legacy!, Legacy group topped the most scammed network, mastermind by the legendary Celso de los Angeles, this group were able to topped this list as they offer a guaranteed commission of 15,000 Pesos with their motorcycle loan and investment loan program, with an instant cash to be earned, this group had achieved the top spot.

total amount scammed: 30 Billion Pesos
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  1. Cme'n! How about the (Northern Profit Investment) Building Bridge? They copied the Success200 strategy. Or you just simply wants this site to be popular. That's why you mentioned the booming companies? :)

    1. never heard of Northern Profit Investment bridge but which company is booming here?

    2. Yeah what was that Bridge bridge? and the list included there was all proven scams and with cases filed after the court

  2. thank you for the info, we are now gathering data about Building Bridge and their program


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