Wealth Builder Advertising Scam Review

what is Wealth Builders Advertising?
Wealth Builders Advertising is an online advertising company that sells online ads space, just like how adsense and media.net works, where advertisers buy ad credits to post their advertisement on online sites that participate that program, but as we see it they dont have affiliate publishers that will show the ad credits you have bought meaning it is useless to purchase an adspace since there will be no site to post it.

they said that they are not an investment company or HYIP. Upon joining, you will be purchasing shares with an advertising unit packages that you can use to advertise your business. Earnings are just a bonus to our valued members.

the company is located in Heritage Building, Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines. owned by Gualberto P Baquiran, registered in january 26, 2015 under domain.com registrar. the company is not registered in SEC even the primary registration that is required to acquire the secondary license to solicit investment from the public under the Securities Regulation Code of the Philippines.

Do they have Refund Policy
No. All sales are final. The products we sell are shares with Adpacks and are automatically added to your account upon purchase so they do not offer any refunds. which makes them a bogus business, having a no refund policy is already a ripped off and since they are not going to show you ads anyway what is the use of buying their ads space.

How to join?
Just like other MLM companies you are then required to purchase a packages that worth 898.00 Pesos that includes a 100 advertisement views, and each account has a limit of 10,000 shares. they did not accept a multiple account, so each person is require to have a solo account.

How to earn?
they are using a Unilevel commissioning with 8 Levels and the payment is as follows:
Direct Referrals = 30.00 Pesos
2nd to 5th Level = 5.00 Pesos
6th to 7th Level = 10.00 Pesos
8th Level = 18.00 Pesos
when you reach 500.00 Pesos in Unilevel or 449.00 in revpoints, you will had the transfer button or withdrawal/ Encashment/ Payout and you will be able to get your earnings. 
also, you will earn 50% of the share bought.

they promise to turn your 898.00 Pesos to 1,347.00 Pesos in just 30 to 45 days, that was 50% total earning in just 30 days. 

this network is a scam they don't have any proven network to show their ads, the pricing is way too high, they make you invite people to earn, which is generally not good in an online advertising, why would you join them if you were not an advertiser anyway. 

SEC of the Philippines issues an advisory to the public.

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