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Building Bridge is the word that is being used by new networking company, just like the Northern Profit Investment Building Bridge, as it connotes a terminology of building a bridge of wealth to you, a lot of this was indeed a scam, and as always are scam, now, we have another

Building Bridge, the Building Bridge Travel and Online Marketing Solutions that operates in Davao, Mindanao. 

About the company

The company was established in May 2015, in Davao city by Jomar Pasco Casas who is a graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing, and only was 22 years old, with office in 150 Pluto St., GSIS Heights, Matina Crossing, Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines and could be reach through email at at or thru Text at +63-908-016-0054 

the main facebook account was manage by Alex Buyo Jr., and Mary Jane Buyo or MJ Buyo from Ilo-Ilo city, Visayas.despite being an online marketing solutions company, they don't have a private website that supports their business that operates in a large scale, but rather they have a free sub-domain website at which was actually made by MJ Buyo. just to support her recruitment practices.

also, as a graduate of Business course, he fails to disclose a Mission and Vision, Company rules and regulation, Company Logo and trademark,  and other basic part of a good business.

How to join the Building Bridge Travel and Online Marketing Solutions just like most of the Multi Level Marketing Company, Building Bridge requires you to pay in an amount of 1,500.00 pesos for every single account. and that was the entry fee.

What are the Products?

Unfortunately, there was no product given by them, since they are a solution company, it already shows that they are only a support team that provides solution to any marketing or travel problems a customer might have, so, basically if you are not in to travel or marketing company, you should be purchasing anything to them. what they collect are investment from people which prove them to be a PONZI network.

How to earn and how much?

to earn you have to complete a binary matrix, this was known as board or we love to call it a pyramid, it was a blocks with a single box on top, with a binary geometrical expansion, so it always raise to the power of two, or simply a 2 x 2 matrix, each recruit will have to recruit 2 others , if you have completed the the board with 4 levels, you will exit/graduate and earn the 10,000.00 pesos and move in to the next board where you will to graduate with the same scheme and earn 9,000.00 Pesos each exit, it was the same as emgoldex and success200which both has receive a government advisory, but it is more similar to success200, as the payment is the same, except success has website, products, and sec advisory as of the moment this articles was made.

the earning was too high actually, with 10,000.00 on the first exit, or 8,500.00 net of initial investment, would amount to 566.66% return on investment, and that was too good but yes that might be true for this kind of network, because it is a scam by the way, it is called Ponzi or pyramiding, you are getting paid by the money invested by the people in your downline.

they also, has a rule about not having a direct referral, if you have exited without at least 2 direct referral, your exit prize will be deducted by 3,000.00 Pesos, so you will only receive 7,000.00 pesos, it is because your upper line may give you a downline so he/she could exit faster.

plus, they had limits with multiple account, for each board or table or as again we love to call it a pyramid :D, you are allowed to have a maximum of 3 accounts, 

How to receive your pay out.

Schedule of payout is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and it is receive through bank transfer or other remittance like LBC, Palawan, MLhuillier, Cebuana, Western Union with the fees shall be on to you.

Government Registration

The company was registered in DTI.

Government Intervention

currently as of August 13, 2015, there was no Government Issued advisory.


with all the facts we had given about the Building Bridge Travel and Online Marketing Solution, we found out that this company is no other than a SCAM, and was a scam from the very beginning, it was one of the whole process was actually one of the most classic form of pyramiding, in which he fails to follow the trend of disguising the network as a product sales distribution that in many case help to avoid litigation due to the lacks of government laws that describe a pyramiding scam. 

there are a lots of points that held them as a scam;
• There was no product at all
• The only way to earn is through recruitment, which is the basic rule in pyramiding scam, the amount that pays your money is through the investment of new recruits.
• The earning with 566% return is too good and too real to be true, but actually achievable as it was a scam network.
• They payment is through remittance, and if so ever the proprietor decide to stop sending money for any reason.
• there was no real source of income to support the business, as said they dont have product at all.
• the only offer is for you to invest and the opportunity to earn no more, no less.

 we could'nt actually outline more reasons, since the fact that they dont have any product or service to prove their legitimacy, they had already proven their scam activities, a pure promise to earn for just investing in a non existence product nor even a service.
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