Ohmygawdget Facebook scam

we warn the public most especially those who are interested in buying second hand items online.
there was this facebook scammers who sells a second hand phones in the most cheapest price and shall take your payment thru bank deposit.

after you had paid, this person shall automatically block you on facebook and you will never hear anything more again from them, unless you used another account to contact her.

the facebook pages was https://www.facebook.com/omggdgets,
and was manage by Noralyn Dela Cruz and other people inside her group or may be her poser accounts.

the modus is very simple, she will post a sale items on facebook, collect payments then she will disappear.

a lot of people has been scammed by this person.

so here in pinoyscamdetector.com
advises the public not to engage in this ohmygawdgets and the like, and we recommend to buy in a legitimate stores, with a secured money transfer facilities, such as Paypal,

bank deposit could never be secured but could be used to trace the money trail, and to further identify the scammer but with regards to bank secrecy law, it is hard to do it so, 
that is why we do not recommend any purchase online, most especially if you don't have personal knowledge of the person that you are dealing with.
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