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we've been making a lot of review about companies that are involve in pyramiding scams or PONZI scams,but lesser we know, that there are a lot of small time pyramiding, or those who are working on a small scale networking. it is commonly known by the users as PALUWAGAN, generally picked up from the way Filipino saves,

the original Paluwagan system was intended to lend some money for a member who needs cash immediately, where as the pool of cash for every period shall be given to the one who should get the pay out, it is typically common on factory workers, or even in school by students, whereas, all of the members shall take the same amount of money in the end, it was generally a saving model made to accommodate the need of the first one to get the pay out of cash, it was called "Sahod" which is literally "payout". 

but the new online Paluwagan system that is now common in the social media was different, it takes the structure of the PONZI scheme or Pyramid, where as you have to recruit a downline and complete the board to have an exit cash, technically, you have to recruit people who will fund your payout, which is the most basic part of pyramiding scam. 

the perpetrators changes the sound of pyramid to paluwagan, so you will not noticed that you've been recruiting other people to pay you out, which mean the money that those people that you have been recruited is used to pay your exit cash. 

the promise to earn in this kind of activities were actually high and fast, just because this is a scam, you might think that you are being lifted or helped by this but if you will open up your mind you will notice that you are recruiting other people to get your cash and you will just keep on doing the cycle until there are no more people to join and  those who are last to be part of it shall face the loss of money.

you should not linger yourself to become part of this kind of activities, remember that you don't have to do evil to earn, the greed for prosperity is commonly used by dark forces to lure fragile humans to do what is against the good deeds.

there are a lot of Paluwagan that exist in Facebook:
such as but not limited to;
Hawak Kamay for Negosyanteng Pinoy Global Community
Team Fast Earning Online Cavite Paluwagan
Diday's Paluwagan 
Rising Star Paluwagan
TRIO system Paluwagan
TFF Zamboanga Paluwagan
Lazada Philippines
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