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Superagents PH is an online portal, , where you get to be the buyer and the middleman at the same time. Buy from a wide range of products and services, from gadgets, insurance, cars and real estate and get back a portion of the money you spend! Superagents carries almost everything that you can sell, buy and subscribe legally, from real estate, insurance, travel packages, apparels, utilities, equipment etc., now to simplify everything of what is, if you know Olx(foremerly sulit), Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Lazada, Zalora, etc. then you were right they were an online shopping site that offers different items online.

The office was located at JRE Bldg. M.H. Del Pilar St., Daraga, Albay, Philippines and was open from Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 7:30 pm EST, but of course the online site is online 24/7 , it was operated by MobileLab Business Solutions, Inc.  and was owned by karlo Angelo Alamares.

How to Join

joining is basically easy, and the good thing is that it is free!, yes you heard it right, it was free, and when you register on their site, you could actually gain the privilege of using their program for free.
although free is good, but they offer a premium account that would cost a one time fee of 1,999.00 Pesos. that will increase your earning potentials, but basically it is not required.


  • No membership fee. Just sign up and you're in.
  • Get 5%-10% cashback on all your purchases.
  • Get 10% of the membership fee paid if a friend you referred goes premium.
  • Get 1% of all cashback earnings of people you refer to Superagents.


  • Invest P1,999
  • Get 10% – 50% cashback on all your purchases.
  • Get 50% of the membership fee paid if a friend you referred goes premium.
  • Get 5% of all cashback earnings of people you refer to Superagents.

What are their products or services?

their products and services range from Real Estate, Cars, Loans, Electronics, Travel Packages, Fashion/Apparel, Insurance, Hotel Accommodations and Food, as an online shopping site, they serve as an intermediary of their partner merchants, meaning you are directly purchasing to the sellers and not through

How to earn and how much?

basically, the site is not intended as an earning site because it was a shopping site, meaning you will be spending for buying in their site. but with their ideas they had gotten it in a way as an earning opportunity.

Cash Back program

Cash back program is simply putting out the middle man or the sales agent, if the sales agent has a commission of 10% then instead of paying for their commission you will get it back, meaning you earn the commission for selling something to yourself or maybe selling an item to your friend if they were really be buying the items posted in the site, you can grab the opportunity to earn the commission for yourself.

Affiliate program.

affiliate or recruitment is a term interchangeably use in the market but affiliate if more decent and does not sound too obvious, but in this way, you will not automatically earn, you can refer as many person as you want, but you will only gain whenever they go premium which just an optional, and a percent of their cash back, so when ever they buy and earn a cash back, you will also earn from them, also, unlike with most networking companies which uses a 4 level affiliate program, this company uses a single tier or single level referral system, where you could only benefit from your direct referral and does not promote to invite more people under your downline since you will not gain from it, it was a good practice to eliminate the use of recruitment as a means of income, and beside you can always choose the free starter version.

How to receive your payment?

Payment is through bank deposits, paypal or cash payments at our office.
Once payment is verified, cashback will be sent to your account.
Release of your earned cashback usually takes 10-45 days upon verification of the initial payment to the concerned vendor.

Government Registrations?

the company was registered in SEC in February 20, 2014.

The Verdict

Although the company has an affiliate program, doesn't mean that they are a scam, you don't have to purchase nor pay an entry fee to join their business which is a good indication that they are not here to take your money because they are not telling you to buy on us first or pay us an entry fee, although there are premium account it is still an optional choice.

The company does not focus on recruitment at all, but having a good number of direct referrals who actually buys will give you a good passive income through commission from their cash back or rebate.

They already have a lot of products available in their website that are actually sell-able and actually selling in the market, since it was a merchant to buyer and they were just using the website as an intermediary channel for sale, it works like a consignment agreement between them and the merchants.
source of income, although the company itself has no products but the space to sell the items, they were not the one paying you back, it is the merchants that give discount to the buyers when using their site.

another good thing is that they had a tracking of cashback to know the status of your earnings when you have requested a withdrawal.

overall, since the beginning that they don't require you to pay or purchase something to join, and items that are being sold are not forcibly sold onto you, and all income possibility are through commission and discount, it makes them a legitimate business that operate in good faith. there was no pyramiding element except the direct referral but it does not require the buyer to go premium.
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  1. Never heard this online store before. I'm really surprise they have a cashback program. I'm gonna be checking out if they're selling some items I like.


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