The Networking Scam in the Philippines 2015

an open letter to all networker.

it is actually a pity that a lot of networking scam still continues to operate in the country despite the series of warnings and advisory given by SEC and also, despite to the fact that most of it are proven to be a scam.

even though the manner on how this networking companies or they call it in modern day as marketing, it still uses the same model and the same module to earn, and that is to recruit to earn, and following the strict implementation of matrix, or binary system, technically, with this kind of model, it was already a scam, because you have to recruit or the term now is to sell an unknown product to your downline, maybe if it was iPhone priced at the same store price, then that wont be a scam, or any known brand with the same retail price, but all we got now is a product that has no value and priced more than 10x its manufacturing cost to provide earnings on the upper line which prove its pyramiding scam model,

in the market we may accept a price twice the Cost of Good Sold or COGS, but anyway more than this for a start-up business or product is way too high to sell its product which actually has no brand value unlike Samsung or Apple for instance.

this companies jacked up the price to provide the amount they promised to pay the first comers which are your upper line, the owner of this scam of course would never admit that this was a scam and will continue to promise their downline that this was a legit business, but a professional killer will never admit his case, just how corrupt politicians wont admit that they are corrupt.

speaking of corrupt, our country has been corrupted by greed to earn in an easy way that we forget our social responsibility with other people, we might have thought that we are helping them but it was late for us to realized that we are actually being blinded by the fact that it was a scam, by the promise of earning an unrealistic amount of earnings, as we continues to achieve something we have not have before, we forget that we are human with moral values to take into consideration, we keep on following the path of others who we thought had earn the amount they had promised, but in reality if we continue the exponential multiple of the binary system, we can see that in some point of it, it exceeded the actual human population before you can actually earn the promised prize for your hard-work and realized that the owner and the top line are the only people who will actually earn from this kind of business.

before we invest our time and effort, we should comprehend everything and understand the reality of it, because in a networking business which might fall out as a scam, we don't only spend our time and effort, but also the trust of other people.

we can earn the money that these networking had promised, if we only work with our own goals, I bet you, only few had earn millions as they had promised, but less than 2% of networking actually achieved those promises and they were the 15 levels above your position in your networking business.

most of the showoff are faked as if it was made in Recto, the cars are in installment plan, the condominium are rented, the lots are loaned, and a lot more to deceive other people, this is the only business that will make you do all the sins one at a time before you realized it, and with the greed to earn more, you will come to a point where you will sell your personal properties for just mere promises to earn.

Filipinos had never learn from the past, and that was actually awful, and we don't want other people to keep on doing the same mistake the past had done. have you ever recall a networking business that lasted 15yrs? of course none, even the strongest one will fall, even AVON who's primary model was Direct Selling and transformed its business to Multi-Level Marketing is now falling, there is no assurance in this kind of business, if everyone are seller of the same product, how could you earn from it, you must be realistic, we can only earn by selling products or services that we monopolized, that is why monopoly is the only way sustain a rich business and if sharing that to you will only make you lose their capability to earn from selling the product, so they are selling you the opportunity instead, and not the product itself, so be vigilant and be wise, don't get scammed, do not be deceived, and do not waste your time, effort, respect, integrity, and trustworthiness in exchange of cheap earning.
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  1. Please investigate on hpi direct sales and trading company too.


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