Know the new Android "N" as Google release its beta


Google has released the preview of Android N to all beta users. 

to become beta user, what you need to have is a Google Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or any latest Nexus Model, and Pixel-C phones.
and now, there is a much easier to join the beta testers, as google added an OTA or Over The Air update, along side with Images file installation, but if you ask us, OTA is more convenient. 

The new update are the following:


you might realized that this isnt new to android, but being an official update from the software developer, a big leap from multi-window function is expected, this will include a smooth transitions between running apps.

Notification Reply 

Now, when you received a message, you can directly reply from the notification tray without the need to open your messaging app, this might be similar to Go SMS with pop-up alert, but remember that this will stay on the tray and does not need to interfere with your current activities such as playing a frustrating games( Color Switch, Online MOBA, attacking on COC and the likes)

Data Saver

as Cellular plan is more common in smartphone days, an update on data control is on development to reduce save the users from unexpected bill from their carriers

Improved Doze

This is the app that controls the CPU of your phone that greatly reduce the consumption of you battery juice, though it was available for Marshmallow, this feature advances on Android N.

Android TV Recording

Remember the days when betamax is used to record your favorite cartoons, now it is available on Android TV with Android N, never miss an episode again, cause most of the time it is hard to find the episode you've missed, but dont sell any recording because it is against copy right law.

Number Blocking

do you have this annoying number who keep on texting you, worry no more, you dont need to have a paid app to block them and free your self for distress.

Direct boot

have you set your alarm, but suddenly your phone shut down, worry no more, cause your phone will still alarm even if it was accidentally shut down. plus, messages will still continue to be received while off.

Java 8 support 

now you can work around with Java 8 with your Android phone.

this will be the first release of the Android N and just like others, it is still premature, a lot of frustrations might come your way, such as bugs, battery drains, non working apps and the likes, because being a beta user you bind yourself as part of the tester that find those bugs.

what do you think the new name for "N" will be?

source: Google

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