Tax Collection mostly came from NCR

According to BIR's Collection Report for 3rd Quarter of 2015.

The Philippines collected a total amount of 1.08 Trillion Pesos across the whole nation.

If we dissect the data.
out of 1.08T peso collection of BIR:

  • 85.56% of this came from NCR alone or an amount equivalent to 924B Pesos
  • 3.36% from CALABARZON with an amount equivalent to 36.29B
  • 2.16% from Central Luzon with an amount equivalent to 23.33B Pesos
  • 2.38% from the rest of Luzon or 25.7B
  • 3.6% of which came from the whole area of Visayas or 38.88B
  • 2.94% from the island of Mindanao or 31.75B

Tax collection of the Philippines mostly came from the National Capital Region, Metropolitan Manila.

What is the relevance of this data to me?

We all know that some Presidential candidates are pushing a Federal form of government,
a form of government where local government take more in tax sharing between federal government and local government , where as NCR already have 924B in just three Quarters of 2015, so we expect it to be around 1.2 Trillion worth of collection for NCR alone in an estimate of 2015 collection of BIR. for the year 2016, the government budget amounted a total of  3 Trillion Pesos for the whole nation, and with 1.2T pesos of tax collected in NCR, in the event of Federalism, the small area of NCR will have a tremendous amount of budget solely for Manila.

with the data that we had, Financially wise, NCR will surely benefit with a huge amount of Tax Collection with 85.56% of tax collected in the Philippines came from there, the amount being spent in Metro Manila is a bit smaller than the amount it collected, with the current sharing of tax collection between national and local government, a large amount of it goes to the national coffers, thus, being allocated to different sectors of the government, that is used to fund the development of the other part of the Philippines, especially the those with lesser source of fund.

Who will benefit from in Federal Republic form of government?

NCR(Metro Manila) will benefit in a Federal form of government more that any other regions.
according to the proponents of federalism, Localities should take more of the tax collected in their area, where as these funds are manage by their own states.
and have an independence where they want to use those funds.

NCR collected a total of 85.56% of Philippine Tax collection or an equavalent of 942B in three quarters of 2015.
CALABARZON almost matches Visayas tax collection with 3.36% and 3.6% respectively
while Mindanao contribute 2.94% of total tax collection
Luzon contributed 93.46% of total tax collection.

Manila will have their fund for themselves and doesn't need to share most of it to develop poorer regions, but this means that provinces with less source of income will be left behind without fund to develop their areas.

This is an opposite of the thinking that Manila is taking most of the government fund in Manila, which in fact Manila is levying most of it income to other region, and the National Government is just spending an amount to sustain the growth in NCR, while investing in other region to catch up with Manila's development, a reflection of it is the development made with neighboring region of CALABARZON and Central Luzon that is being done with other region one step at a time.

You might also want to check the current Gross Domestic Product by Region of Philippine Statistic Authority. their figure gives the same result as the BIR collection.

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