Have a Flash light Stun Gun Today!!!

What is a stun gun?

Stun gun is a non-lethal weapon, used to disable an aggressor to protect yourself, it is a close proximity self defense device that uses electric shock to stop an aggressor for a while.

With any possible danger that might come, this stun gun may come handy plus it also has a torch/flash light functionality that make it more useful more than just a stun gun.

But I have a phone with flash application.

Today, a lot of us disregard the need of flash light due from flash light application on our phones, but having a real flashlight is a good thing to consider, using your phone in public attracts bad elements and put your life in danger.

Good thing in using Flashlight with Stun Gun.

now having more than just mere flash light you can have a stun gun flash light which will greatly make our night crawl a little bit safer, but being home earlier is still best, having a stun gun flash light instead of your phone flash does not attract snatchers or hold-apt-er plus you have a small piece of  device that can incapacitate any aggressor.

most of stun gun available today are rechargable, so there is no need to worry in buying batteries. plus the good thing is that it is Cheap.

Additionally it save your phone's battery :P

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  1. In any case, alternate elements are as yet usable. Alternate components on this element rich immobilizer are: LED Flashlight, Personal Alarm and Flashing Red Warning Lights. best stun gun


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