Xperia Z5 series Marshmallow update available world wide

Starting March 07, 2016, most of Xperia Z5 series are ready to receive the latest android version, the Anrdroid 6.0 Marshmallow.

in March 01, 2016, Xperia Z5 started to roll out its Marshmallow update in Japan and this week it is now available worldwide.


The update includes an enhanced privacy settings of app data permissions of the native OS update, and additionally, it has an improve battery optimization using Doze and a new home screen launcher for Xperia.

what an exciting about the native Android Marshmallow update is it supports in using the external SD cards as a replacement for the internal storage, which mean a larger internal memory. but a lot of doubt is raise with it as an android giant Samsung left out the said feature in its update, Sony has no comment if their update supports the external switching to internal storage.

Source: Android and meExperia Blog
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