10 seconds to reach daily cap with Globe.

Globe announce that when they tried to fired up the 700 MHz radio frequency spectrum
those who are near to their cell sites receives a 66-100 Mbps connection speed.

As a user of internet it was awesome. but theoretically, with their Fair Usage Policy. a daily cap of 1 GB and a monthly cap of 3 GB, by using it at their maximum capacity e.i. watching a large movie file in a high definition format in the internet (Youtube), it will only take you 10 seconds (1 GB/100 Mbps) to reach your daily cap or 30 seconds for your monthly cap.

So, what is the use of this boost in speed if you could not use it with its daily cap, speed are just crap if you can not use it consistently. I'll rather have a 1-3 Mbps connection without data cap. I remember playing online games without lag in a 1 Mbps connection.  it was like having a racing car in a road with speed limits. you wont benefit its full potential. so better have a cheap car with enough speed. and we call that practical.
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